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I am Roger Walker MMT RMT. I generally provide three types of treatments, though if you look around, you might find my Corporate Wellness Massage and some spa stuff, plus some additional modalities I might occasionally throw into the mix.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR RESULTS, THIS IS THE PLACE, whether it is an issue of Pain, Posture, Mobility, Injury, Stress, Work/Sport Performance, Recovery, Corporate Wellness, Management of many Specific Illnesses and Conditions, and so much more. I can treat anything a chiro or physio can, probably gentler and safer, and maybe more effectively, which can sometimes save you from surgery, drugs, or invasive treatments. I only use non-invasive, evidence based techniques - substance, not fluff. They are an investment in your ongoing health, which pays dividends in all areas of your life - not an expense. I treat holistically (whole person) rather than with focus, as results are better.

At one extreme is my own modality, “Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (Extended)”™, also called MAT(E)™. It uses techniques that are characteristically Slow, Gentle, Intentional, and Pain-Free, to affect the Autonomic Nervous System to stop unnecessary protecting (tightening muscles) so that healing can take place. Treatments are done on a mat (or low table) with your clothes on.

At the other extreme is RAPID NeuroFascial Reset. If you ascribe to the "No Pain; No Gain" model, you will love it! This is also done with the clothes on.

In between is my Thorough Traditional Table Massage. This is  the same table massage you can get anywhere, except that my sessions tend to be much more thorough. Nothing superficial here.

I also do combo sessions (mat and traditional) starting at 2 hours - these are very popular, and recommended. Most patients start at 2 hours, and often book longer sessions the next time. They are onto something!

As I type this, my most recent patient was a medical doctor who was previously getting monthly treatments for the same old bothersome issues, without any improvement. This meant they were only treating her symptoms. With me, she now knows that I will be treating her to reduce and eliminate the real causes of those symptoms.

How effective are my treatments? A young scoliosis patient whose spinal curve was 3.5” from center (severe!) reduced it by 50% in 2 months (5-6 treatments) - Any improvement is unheard of because the body adapts so well to the condition. A woman who was suffering 6.5/10 pain in the midst of a weekly migraine reduced it to 1.5/10 during the session (a reduction of 2 points is considered good) - Recurrences are few and far between, and at a much lower intensity. Whether it’s sprains, strains, or automobile (accidents), I can help!

"I Help Your

Body, Spirit, and Soul


Feel, Heal, and Perform Better"™

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Mine is a

Holistic Approach

For Health, Performance,

and Recovery

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Roger Walker, MMT RMT

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I’m Back! Born in Cold Lake, 3rd generation Cold Lake Military, traveled the world to learn and develop useful skills, and now returned for the Benefit of My Community!

First, if you are happy with the results you are getting with your current therapists (chiro, physio, massage), that’s great! You may want to stick with them. Otherwise, if you don't yet have a therapist you trust, I can help you to reach your Peak in Health, Performance, and Recovery. I tend to be very good at what I do.

MAT(E)™ is a SAFE, GENTLE, & EFFECTIVE Complement or Alternative to Chiro, Physio, and Traditional Massage.

Using the same basic techniques taught in massage schools everywhere, I developed a new modality called “Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (Extended)”™. It builds on the principles of Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy – I am the ONLY Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT) in Western Canada, Canada’s first, actually – using treatments that are characterized by Slow, Intentional, Gentle, and Pain-Free techniques. Where traditional massage is mostly push, my MAT(E)™ treatments are a more balanced combination of Compression, Range of Motion, and Passive Movement.

Rather than treat the muscles directly, I influence the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which operates without your direct control. Various injuries and dysfunctions will cause pain and compensations that slow healing. My treatments influence the ANS System to ease up on the body tissues so that they may realign, function properly, and heal faster. I find that a holistic approach (Whole Person, not Woo Woo) tends to work better than completely focused treatment – I suspect that the body stays in better sync that way. I only do Evidence Based Treatments, and Nothing Invasive. I also have an Extensive Network of experts and researchers that I can call upon, if your needs require it.

What is MAT(E)™ good for? Interestingly, just about everything! If they make their treatments and homework a priority, my Patients get excellent outcomes. I have successfully taken on several challenges, as well. My passion is to help people to heal themselves.

I was often called on to treat the owners, managers, and staff of clinics/spas that I have practiced in (I am now completely independent) as well as their families and friends. I treat massage therapists, chiros, physios, nurses, doctors, athletes, and more. (I have Therapists who bring me their family members and BFFs for treatment - though they won't admit it or permit me to use their names for obvious reasons!).

What My Patients are Saying:

I see your passion and drive and am very impressed with your skills. My hips and low back feel fantastic after your treatment! [...] I absolutely admire you as a person and practitioner. [...] you have amazing treatment methods

Dr. Roshni Mehrabi (Doctor of Chiropractic), 2019 April 27, via Email

Clinical doesn't mean Stuffy!

Even Clinical treatments are relaxing in this laid back location.

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