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Bookings are only made online. Before you do so (at the bottom of the page), please read and understand the following items, as YOUR USE OF THE BOOKING SYSTEM IS YOUR AGREEMENT TO THESE TERMS.

Please note that your therapist is male. This is a home based practice. I am a health care professional, and I have treated patients of all ages, genders, ethnic backgrounds, etc. without incident.

This page was last updated 2021 September 15.

Policy Protocol

IN THE CASE OF COVID PROTOCOL: Please use this Covid Self-Assessment before booking: I understand that answering "Yes" to certain questions are not a clear indication that you have Covid - use your discretion. You will be asked a short list of standard Covid questions on your arrival, as provided by my Massage Therapy Association. If you cannot answer "No" to the questions, you will be asked to leave. If you do book, and your Covid situation changes for the worse, contact me immediately to cancel the session.

If you are ill, at risk, or unduly fearful for any reason, please do not book a session! No amount of hygiene or protection can guarantee that you will never catch a communicable disease or not be injured. However, with my standard and enhanced policy and hygiene protocols, you are certainly going to be safer (less risk) in a treatment with me than you will be by going shopping or attending a family gathering. My MAT(E)™ modality is provided with the patient's clothes on, minimizing skin to skin contact, if that is an issue for you. My treatments are characterized by the use of Slow, Gentle, Intentional, and Pain-Free techniques, ensuring that potential injuries are extremely unlikely.

Note that Minors MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the first visit, to sign for permission for the minor to receive treatment. If Either wish the parent/guardian to stay with the minor, in the treatment room, that is okay, otherwise, they must wait outside the premises.

Direct Billing

It is always best to contact your insurance provider before hand to verify your coverage, how much they will pay, and if they will allow direct billing. Payouts are different for different policies, and not all policies allow direct billing.  Each policy has different session and yearly limits. I am happy to direct bill as much of your session as they will accept. Note that you are still responsible for paying the full amount of your session, whether or not your insurance company accepts or (even in the future) declines to pay.

At this time, I can handle direct billing for:

- Alberta Blue Cross

- telus eClaims - click the link and scroll to "Participating Insurers" to view images for the insurance companies they broker for. (Info subject to change at any time.)

- Provider Connect - click the link to view images for the insurance companies they broker for. (Info subject to change at any time.)

- Medavie (RCMP, DND, Veterans Affairs)

If you do not find your insurance provider among those listed, contact me and I will try to make arrangements with them as soon as possible.

Although I may not have arrangements with other insurance companies, in Alberta, they must still accept your valid receipts for reimbursement according to the policy you have with them. For Saskatchewan residents (and residents of other jurisdictions), you will have to verify with your insurance company, directly. In any case, valid receipts are always provided.


I accept the following payments:

DIRECT BILLING - To YOUR Insurance Company or their Broker

CASH - Exact change only

E-TRANSFER - Internet Bank transfer

CHEQUE - From the account of the person receiving treatment (or their parent/guardian, if appropriate)

DEBIT - Directly from your bank account - through Square Up

CHARGE - Most cards are accepted - See Square Up for details

APPLE-PAY - And similar - also through Square Up

BARTER - It doesn't hurt to ask :-)

NOTE: Session Receipts (suitable for submitting to Insurance Companies) are sent via email, usually the same day. Receipts for Square Up payments (i.e. charge card, debit) can be sent via email, immediately, if that is desired.

Also NOTE: I am open every day of the year. HOLIDAYS bookings will require a 10% holiday surcharge and a non-refundable 100% pre-payment, usually by eTransfer. If you book before making the pre-payment, you will be contacted to do so.

What You are Booking and Paying for

Mine is essentially a time based service. When you book a session time, you are asking me to set aside my time and resources for that period, for your use, which I have to pay for. THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING FOR. It does not matter whether you show up on time and get a full treatment, show up late and get a partial treatment, or do not show up at all and get no treatment - you are still responsible for ensuring the session is paid for.

It is not about the treatment. It is about me respecting your booking request by setting aside the time and resources for it, and you respecting me by paying for what you requested.

It is customary to NOT make changes to a session booking with less than 24 hours notice. Changes with appropriate 24 hour notice will be honored.

Note that if you do not get a treatment, none of that session can be submitted for massage insurance purposes. (Also, certain spa treatments do not qualify, either.)

Note that any outstanding payments will result in no further treatments until all past sessions are paid for in full.

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Note that Regular Prices are shown, before GST.

Any Discounts will be applied at the time of the treatment.

Apologies - I do not normally accept same day appointments as I need to plan my day - I have much more to do besides the actual treatments, including peddling and paddling if the weather is good. The booking system requires booking at least 18 hours ahead, so next day. If same day is imperative, please text me, and I will see if I can accommodate you, but there is no guarantee. Also, Same Day, Before and After Hours sessions require a Non-Refundable 100% Pre-Payment by eTransfer. (This is due to a rash of cancelled same day sessions, which has become onerous for me.)

Please use the optional Session Notes to let me know the Reason for your Treatment.

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